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Our Atelier

Upon entering this space, children are greeted by the subtle scent of cedar and citrus
and the quiet sounds of instrumental music. It is an environment that evokes wonder
and peace, an environment rich with opportunities for children to express themselves
through their 100 languages. Classes attend in small groups once a week for the better
part of an hour. As they enter the room, the children are greeted by Miss Kris, our
Atelierista; they are guided to briefly sit together to discuss a project, an artist, or an
idea. After this short time of conversation and sharing, children are encouraged to
explore the room. They are taught early on how to use materials and tools in a
thoughtful and respectful manner. Children are autonomous in the atelier. On any given day, children can be found painting, sketching, connecting with nature, manipulating clay or wire, or using loose parts and recycled items as they express their thoughts and ideas. During this time of creative wonder and expression, our Atelierista is there observing, documenting, and asking thought-provoking and confidence-building questions. The NBPS Atelier is a space that engages all of the senses; a joyful space where relationships with materials and each other are formed!

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